air jet sieves

200 millimeter diameter, half height

Air jet sieving machines are ideally suited for very fine powders which tend to agglomerate and cannot be separated by vibrational sieving. The reason for the effectiveness of this sieving method is based on two components - a rotating slotted nozzle inside the sieving chamber, and a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner which is connected to the chamber.

The vacuum cleaner generates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber and sucks in fresh air through the slotted nozzle. When passing the narrow slit of the nozzle, the air stream is accelerated and blown against the sieve mesh, dispersing the particles.

Above the mesh, the air jet is distributed over the complete sieve surface and is sucked in with low speed through the sieve mesh. Thus the finer particles are transported through the mesh openings into the vacuum cleaner.


We offer a complete range of mesh sizes in 8” and 200 mm  diameters. These sieves will work with the Hosokawa Alpine, the Endecotts Air Sizer and the CSC-Reynolds Vacuum Siever.

Because there are some different specs for each of these Vacuum Sieves, please let us know the name of the equipment you use and the mesh sizes you need.  We will reply with a quote and delivery information.  Contact us at one places below:

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