General purpose sieve shakers

Meinzer ii


The motion of the CSC Meinzer II Sieve Shaker is based on the original CSC Meinzer which formed the structure of the original AASHITO specification now know as T27. Unlike many shakers of its type the Meinzer II is quiet. 

The Meinzer II should head the list for consideration when the product flows freely, requires a minimum fines analysis of more than 38 microns and is not subject to static charge. 

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Octagon 200


The Octagon 200 is a versatile, quiet bench top shaker that can deal with complex or difficult materials as well as efficiently produce results for easy-to-sieve samples. This shaker operates at a sound level that permits conversation during a test.

Suitability for wet sieving gives you the ability to overcome friction, electrostatic and agglomeration problems in test samples.