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Rotational Viscometer

rotational viscometers

Viscometers from Lamy Rheology Instruments are unlike any other. Each model measures a wide range of viscosity, and can be configured to almost any specification with the right spindles, temperature control and software. These viscometers allow you to meet the specifications of your product, rather than struggling to make your product meet the specifications of the instrument.

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Coaxial cylinder, anchor type, disc and more. We offer a range of spindles to satisfy almost any application in a wide viscosity range. Only a small selection of spindles are available in our webstore. For more information on the other spindles we offer, contact us at 800-621-4778.

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temperature control

Control the temperature of your product during testing with one of these thermostatic accessories. 

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Run tests from your computer, see charted results, and save results directly to your computer.

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parts & accessories

Silicon (calibration) oils, connector cables, and more.