Wet wash sieves

With materials such as fine powder that may tend to agglomerate in a dry sieving process, there is often a tendency for these materials to a clog the sieve mesh. This could make further sieving impossible. Additionally, materials such as suspensions, which must not be dried, cannot be sieved under normal conditions. 

These are examples of materials that require a wet sieving process. The sieves used in this process are know as Wet Wash Sieves.

These sieves have a higher or deeper frame. This frame is usually either 4 inches or 8 inches deep. 

We offer both CSC Brand Production Wet Wash Sieves and Endecotts Certified Wet Wash Sieves. They are offered in 8 inch diameter brass and stainless steel frames with 4 inch and 8 inch depths. There is a complete range of aperture sizes with an optional support medium for fine mesh.



Csc Brand Wet Wash Sieves

See all CSC brand wet wash sieves here. All sieves in this category are 8 inch diameter, brass frame, and 4 inches deep. (These sieves are separate from the categories listed below.)

8 inch deep wet wash sieves

4 inch deep wet wash sieves


stainless steel


stainless steel