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DCA 200A Dynamic Contact Angle and Surface Tension Analyzer (All In One)

All in one Dynamic contact angle and Surface tension Analyzer
- Auto close outer wall, Ergonomic, user friendly design
- Able to density data of liquid by underwater displacement
- Fully automatic measuring process (Software control)
- Internal thermo couple for checking test liquid’s temperature
- Basic Supporting Items: (1) Zisman plots (2) Surface Energy calculation (3) Surface Tension(DuNouy Ring & Willhelmy Plate & Rod method) (4) Dynamic contact angle (5) Density (6) Sedimentation (7) Penetration (8) Powder contact angle (9) Absorption (10) Single fiber contact angle (11) Bundle fiber contact angle
- Results data can export to excel
- Circulator connection port
- Displaying entire measuring process
- Internal Circulation chamber
- Calibration function

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