sieve Shakers


heavy duty sieve shakers

We offer a group of three premier sieve shakers designed and built for standards matching large sieve sizes and higher sample weight. Their common attributes are ease of use, repeatable results and proven performance in the field.

general purpose sieve shakers

If you don't want to have to shout over the noise during testing, the Octagon 200 and Meinzer II are both great options for quieter sieve testing. The Meinzer II is the most economical shaker we offer, and the Octagon 200 is versatile enough to deal with complex or difficult materials. 

small particle size sieve shakers

For dry materials from 20μm (microns) to 1.00mm, the  Air Jet Sizer 200, Sonic Sifter and CSC Reynolds Vacuum Siever  can handle electrostatic materials and analyze sample quantities between 1 and 200 grams. These shakers use positive and negative air pressure to get small particle sizes through the sieves.

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accessory items